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New Client For Bisio

New Client For Bisio

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Bisio Training gains ACP status with BSI

Bisio Training gains ACP status with BSI


Bisio Partners with ExamWorks-IS

Bisio Partners with ExamWorks-IS

Bisio to Provide L3API to ExamWorks-IS...

Bisio/IFIG Partnership

Bisio/IFIG Partnership

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Bisio Training Ltd is a UKRLP Registered Company

Bisio Training Ltd is a UKRLP Registered Company


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CEGA delighted with Level 3 success!
CEGA delighted with Level 3 success! Bisio would like to congratulate all at CEGA Group’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) for successfully completing their IQ level 3 Award for Professional Investigators.
Earlier this year CEGA’s SIU chose Bisio’s comprehensive e-learning package to study for the level 3 Award, that will be the prerequisite qualification for all Professional Investigators when licensing is introduced in 2015.
The study was then followed by the successful completion of the independently invigilated exam in Worthing, one of our 10 exam centers spread around the UK including Wales and NI.

Simon Cook, CEGA’s Head of Special Investigations, said that:
“CEGA are extremely proud to have successfully completed our Level 3 Professional Investigators qualification utilising Bisio Training's e-learning platform. We found the training to be very comprehensive and the Bisio team were always available to assist us when needed. CEGA SIU is now fully compliant in line with the Governments decision that all Private Investigators need to be licensed by Spring 2015."


Attorney General’s Guidelines on Disclosure (Dec 2013)
Attorney General’s Guidelines  on Disclosure (Dec 2013) "....This is a revised judicial protocol and guidance on
the disclosure of unused material in criminal cases. Proper disclosure of
unused material, made through a rigorous and carefully considered
application of the law, remains a crucial part of a fair trial, and essential to
avoiding miscarriages of justice.
These new documents are intended to clarify the procedures to be followed and to encourage the active participation of all parties"

The Rt. Hon. Dominic Grieve QC MP
Attorney General


Link to Documents: Attorney General’s Guidelines  on Disclosure

SIA Update re licensing for PIs
SIA Update re licensing for PIs SIA UPDATE IN FULL!!

On 31 July 2013 the Home Secretary announced the Government's intention for the SIA to regulate private investigation activities, starting some time in 2014.

The current arrangements, under which the system is not regulated, allows anyone to work as a private investigator, regardless of their skills, experience or criminal convictions. The Home Office is introducing new regulation of private investigators to put a stop to this and help ensure the public is protected against unscrupulous activity.

We will only grant a licence when an applicant has successfully:

  • completed training and achieved a government-recognised qualification, which includes understanding of relevant laws and standards, and the skills required to conduct activities ethically;
  • confirmed their identity; and
  • undergone a thorough criminality check.
As with other sectors of the private security industry, all applicants will need to meet these standards in order to receive a licence. This includes any contractors working on private investigations for companies.

The Private Security Industry Act 2001 defines the licensable activities of private investigations. The Home Office intends to review this definition to ensure that it remains fit for purpose. Questions relating to whether specific activities will be licensable in future should therefore be directed to the Home Office.

Link to SIA Newletter
New Private Investigator Licence Announced
New Private Investigator Licence Announced

Home Secretary Theresa May has today announced that a new system of regulation is to be introduced requiring all investigators to hold a licence in order to practice.

The new regulatory regime will protect the public from rogue investigators who have fallen under increasing scrutiny in recent years for engaging in unscrupulous practices such as blagging and phone hacking.
Mrs May said “It is vital we have proper regulation of private investigators to ensure rigorous standards in this sector and the respect of individuals’ rights to privacy. That is why I am announcing today the Government’s intention to regulate this industry, making it a criminal offence to operate as a private investigator without a licence.
Anyone with a criminal conviction for data protection offences can expect to have their application for a licence refused. Journalists will be excluded from regulation to allow them to carry out legitimate investigations in the public interest.”
The control and issuing of licences will be managed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) in a similar manner as the door supervisors, security guard and CCTV operator licences are currently managed. This means individuals will only be granted a licence if they hold a relevant qualification, confirm their identity and undergo a criminality check.

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