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New Client For Bisio

New Client For Bisio

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Bisio Training gains ACP status with BSI

Bisio Training gains ACP status with BSI


Bisio Partners with ExamWorks-IS

Bisio Partners with ExamWorks-IS

Bisio to Provide L3API to ExamWorks-IS...

Bisio/IFIG Partnership

Bisio/IFIG Partnership

Bisio to create 'Bespoke' SPOC course for IFIG...

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Bisio Training Ltd is a UKRLP Registered Company

Bisio Training Ltd is a UKRLP Registered Company


Courses (E-Learning and Classroom based)

If the Investigative training course your Business or Organisation needs is not listed within these course pages, please use the CONTACT US form to let us know and we will be happy to design 'bespoke' courses to suit your requirements.

E-Learning: Introduction to Investigative Interviewing Skills and Techniques

Now £29.00 + VAT
(Refundable if you go on to purchase the Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators)
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With this unique, interactive on-line tutorial you will get an introduction to established investigative interviewing skills and techniques.

Based on the National Model of Investigative Interviewing Techniques employed by police and other law enforcement agencies throughout the UK, this online learning aid is compatible with the IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators -
developed to reflect the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Professional Investigators.


Classroom: 3 Day Advanced Investigative Interviewing Skills and Techniques Course
(Includes above E-Learning as a pre-read)

Individuals: £450+VAT per person

 Discounts for Groups and 'In-House' Training
(For all enquires use contact page)

The word “investigation” comes from the Latin vestigum meaning “trace” or “footprint”.
Investigation is the search for the trace or footprint and, if done professionally , demands commitment to enquire in detail, to observe carefully, and to examine systematically.


1   Plan and prepare interviews with suspects.

2   Conduct interviews with suspects.

3 Evaluate interviews with  suspects and carry out post-interview processes.

This course is about interviewing suspects as part of serious, complex or major investigations.

The course will show you how to plan an interview within your specialist area of work, formulate an interview strategy, ensure that the interviewee is fit to be interviewed, and that the relevant people are present. The course will provide you with opportunities to conduct an interview using approved and recognised interviewing techniques and models, introducing evidence and exhibits where this is necessary.

At the conclusion of the interview you will be shown how to evaluate the interview to determine what further action is required and how to summarise interview records ensuring the integrity and security is maintained.

Target Group

Anyone involved in investigations where suspects are to be interviewed.



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